Professional Acrylic paint - High Viscosity

Hign Viscosity Acyrlic Paint

The Finest Quality, High Viscosity line of 110 colours is our premium line of acrylic paints. A high performance paint known for its unique consistency, vibrancy and range of colour selection. Colours are thick and creamy with the ability to hold extreme textures and the fidelity and signature of a brush stroke normally associated with oil paints. It is manufactured with 100% finest acrylic emulsion and highest-grade pigments to reveal authentic pigment characteristics and colour chroma. It is formulated with the same high pigment and binder concentration as the Liquid and Tri-Art’s other paints in the Finest Quality level but in a thick, high viscosity format and a stiffer rheology. The rich colours are smooth andeasily manipulated with a brush or palette knife. They may be used alla prima or with mediums to extend, control viscosity and luster. Due to their high pigment concentration, extending with mediums is recommended.

All pigments have been selected for permanence, purity and light fastness. This extensive line offers artists the choice of organic,inorganic, transparent, semi transparent and opaque coloursas well as C.P. (chemically pure) pigments. There are no fillers or extenders used in the formulas. The pigment size and shape dictate the colour’s gloss value.Once dry, the paint film will remain flexible and resistant to climatic changes.

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