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Art Noise Acrylic Paint
Level: Academic

Art Noise Acrylic Paint, an academic acrylic designed for multipurpose use in the classroom. Made with 100% acrylic emulsion, this line of non-toxic permanent colours are made from the same materials as our artist quality paint but in different proportion.

This line proves that you don’t need to sacrifice economy or convenience for an effective teaching tool. Art Noise comes in 24 vibrant colours including Glow-in-the-Dark, assorted Fluorescents as well as White Gesso. Because it is made from only quality artist-grade materials, Art Noise is ideal for teaching colour theory. Mixed colours are spectacular and accurate with no muddiness from fillers common in classroom paint.

As smart as Art Noise is in the classroom, it performs brilliantly on the stage and screen as well. As easy to roll as it is to brush, it is the perfect choice for large format productions bringing sets, murals and posters to life. It dries to a durable, flexible satin finish that will not flake or go chalky. It can also be mixed with available acrylic mediums to create countless textures and finishes.

Packaged in versatile squeezable cylinders and jugs.It has a rich, velvety texture that pumps and flows like a lotion. Art Noise cleans quickly with soap and water. Art Noise is an academic acrylic that is in every sense, the best in class.