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Watercolour Paint

Level: Professional Artist

The Tri-Art Liquid Watercolour paint has a spectrum of 58 potent colours and contain only the finest artist grade pigments. This collection of pigments combines intense colour chroma with superior transparency, opacity and unsurpassed light performance. Included are highly staining inorganics that are essential for layering and glazing, and selected organic pigments that offer high coverage and excellent lift. Tri-Art’s Finest Quality watercolour line is a contemporary fusion of dynamic new pigments alongside tried and true traditional pigments. The palette of colours gives artists the selection and opportunity to both embrace traditional techniques and push the boundaries of watercolour painting.

Advances in Pigment Technology

The addition of mica-based iridescent and interference colours takes advantage of advanced in pigment technology that previously was largely unavailable in a watercolour format, giving the artist new tools to create shimmering light effects and surfaces. A refreshing inclusion in this line is a sumptuous array of iridescent and interference colours.
These colours produce shimmering overlays and can also be mixed with other colours to create reflective or pearlescent light effects. Our interference and iridescent watercolours will dry to a glossier finish when less water is used with their application.


The formulation, fine grinding, and dispersion of Tri-Art pigments insures colours that will disperse into water without streaking and are fully re-soluble on the palette once dry.
The format of the paint allows for larger volumes of colour to be prepped for large-scale paintings. Quantities left exposed to the air will form semi-moist colour cakes, giving artist the ability to dispense the paint into a welled palette to form pans of custom-mixed colour for in-studio or plein-air painting.
Finely milled and fully mixed into a Gum Acacia base, these watercolours are compatible with other artist quality brands. Tri-Art Finest Quality Watercolours are offered with various mediums designed to increase chroma of the colours and extend the possibilities of watercolour techniques.