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Liquid Glass Pouring Colours
Level: Novice to Professional Artist

There are limitless possibilities and unexpected compositions when pouring acrylic colours.

Liquid Glass – Pouring Colours
A formulated a pouring medium that accepts colour beautifully, dries very hard and clear with an extremely high gloss finish.
A primary collection of pouring colours formulated to exact proportions to ensure consistent suspension of pigment, ease of flow, colour intensity and finish that will not craze.
All dry to a very glossy and smooth finish. The range includes transparent and opaque colours, ideal for mixing and glazing effects. Mix with each other to create custom colours. Use white to opacify and create opaque colours. Colours may be applied onto or adjacent to wet areas for creating patterns and special effects. Use straight out of the jar or extend with Pouring Medium.

Use on rigid, level surfaces. Wood panels recommended. Sagging and pooling may result if using stretched canvas. Paper may curl and buckle resulting in areas of paint to pool.
Palette knife: use to mix colours and/or incise and drag paint.
Skewer, stir stick or pointed-linear tool: to create marbling, fine-line colour striations & to burst bubbles.
Straw: blow through to move colours.
Squeeze bottles, medicine cups, and small containers: use to premix colours for pours.
Pipettes: for controlled dispersion of colours and mediums.
Tri-Art Non Stick Palette: paint that falls from the surface is collected and may be easily peeled of once dry.