Upload Image

    Upload Images | Framecraft Ltd | Print on Canvas, Fine Art or Photo Paper

    Options for Submitting your Image File:

    1. We have provided an easy upload form below on this page.  The maximum size file that you are able to upload is 50 MB.
    2. Alternatively, you can submit your image file using our general email address.  framecraft@framecraftltd.com
    3.  If you currently use photo storage software, you can share your images from this program.  Click share photos and send them to our general email address. framecraft@framecraftltd.com

    File Format

    The clarity of your print is dependent on your file resolution.  We suggest that you submit high resolution images.  A resolution between 200 ~ 300 dpi works best especially when requesting larger print sizes. The file formats that we generally work with, but are not limited to, are jpeg, tiff and png files.